Welcome to Dongguan City Wanxinlong Metal Mafg Co.,Ltd
Rich experience in making canisters

14 years dedicated production and processing of iron pot products, rich experience;

Certification by international notary organizations to ensure products meet international quality and safety standards;

Mature technology, complete equipment, rapid delivery

Experienced canning design and development team, can provide canning services according to actual requirements;

pk10登陆平台Production process management, higher efficiency;

Carry out spot check of finished products every hour to ensure that the products delivered to customers are all excellent products;

The cost control is proper, meeting the general customer demand

We will provide suitable design and production plans for the different demands of customers' products to achieve the expected goals;

According to the company's development road, mass production, strict control of production costs;

Close cooperation with raw material manufacturers, procurement cost quality, more customers to select the best raw materials;

Perfect considerate after-sales service

pk10登陆平台Delivery on time。 All over the country have long - term cooperation of logistics companies, to maximize customer savings in logistics costs;

Each customer has professional after-sales staff to follow up service, maintain long-term strategic cooperation;

Professional customer service is available 7*24 hours, quick response and considerate service. The quality of the products will be returned and replaced unconditionally.

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Online ServiceService time: 7*24H

The personnel of the service:

7*24H Service Hotline

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